Trainning for Apparel Manufacturing

Basic trainning for Planning and Production control.

  1. How to create a Production Schedule
  2. How to create a Production Schedule for multiple styles (excel spread sheet)
  3. How to calculate the Capacity Installed in a Sewing Module or Sewing Plant?
  4. How to calculate delivery date for a single Work Order?
  5. How to calculate multiple delivery date using Excel planning spread sheets?
  6. How to control daily production in a Sewing Module (Hourly and Bi-hourly report)
  7. How to create a production log for predict results in a sewing module
  8. How to control and follow-up multiples modules
  9. How to create KPI´s and use the information to improve performance
  10. How to create a Daily Production Report (excel template)
Basic trainning for Engineering

  1. How to create an Operational bulletin
  2. How to calculate a SAM (standard allowance minute) for an operation
  3. How to calculate the production capacity using Time Studies
  4. How to calculate earned hours for an Sewing Machine Operator
  5. How to calculate the Efficiency of a Sewing Machine Operator or a complete Sewing Module
  6. How and why to measurement "non productive time"
  7. How to develop a Skill Matrix in Excel
  8. How to create effectives Lay-outs
  9. How to create a Balance Line spred sheets for a single style (excel template by Free)
  10. How to create Balance Line spread sheet for multi-style module (excel template by Free)
  11. How to calculate ramp-up. buolding schedules or leraning curves
  12. How to improve the efficiency in a Sewing Line
  13. How to create a Prodution Bonus scheme for a Sewing Line
  14. How to do Method Studies for a Sewing Machine Operator

Lean Manufacturing application for Apparel Manufacturing

  1. Lean Manufacturing principles
  2. Lean Tools
  3. Value Stream Map
  4. The 7 Wastes of Lean
  5. Continuos Improvement
  6. Lean Management (Power Point )