¿How to calculate a Delivery Date based on the Installed Capacity for a Sewing module?

The calculation of Delivery Dates is based on our current installed capacity and represent one of the biggest values of our business


Step 1.  Getting Data. (The following example has imaginary data of a sewing module, you need to substitute with your own real data)

We will use the following data:

The following is the information of our Production Order, we need to give to the customer service department our X-sewing Date.

Step 2.  Making the calculation

Our production system has a daily capacity of 5196 minutes / Day considering all the variances in averages, efficiency, absenteeism & turnover as flat number

The first calculation should be as follows:

Under this calculation, our sewing module has a capacity of 208 pcs day if the variances of efficiency, absenteeism & turnover remain the same every day.

In dependency of the starting date, and having week ends off of work we have the following:

The above chart means that every single day the sewing module will perform the same, our calculation can work as good as we know the behavior of our personnel.

If some occurrence arise, final date will change, so be careful when you give a final X-sewing Date.

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