Consultancy programs in productivity for Textile, Apparel & Footwear Operations

Because the improvement is not only matter of engineering, we have designed the best consultancy program that allow your factory to improve your performance

We help professionals to be more productive and effective working and living without stress

Our reason for being is to generate a remarkable change in the productivity of the professionals for whom we work. We make them reach their maximum potential, in order to achieve the objectives of your company.

We are experts in productivity and personal management. We managed to improve people's effectiveness, with very close monitoring. It is the way we have to do our work well: hand to hand.

We are Textile Engineers with more than 26 years of experience in the Apparel, Textile & Footwear Manufacturing. This is guarantee of excellence since we has been proved our value into several projects with large brands sucha as:

Our solutions is a complex set of tools that we simplify for your benefit

Our training methods is using engineering concepts that allow your staff to fully understand the fundations of the industry in a comprensive and fast way.

We can take your operations and transform it into a better, logical, simplified, productive and financially healty Enterprisse in 6 months or less guaranteed.

How we work?

We create the following:

  • Analysis and Diagnosis of Organizational Processes.
  • Design of Plans and Strategies for Productivity.
  • Development of Development Programs and Projects.
  • Identification and Definition of Management Indicators.
  • Measurement of Results and Evaluation of Objectives.
  • Analysis and Measurement of Organizational Climate.
  • Ontological and Organizational Coaching Processes.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.
Miguel Diaz

President and Founder


The effectiveness of our method lies in the profound change experienced in the how and when of the daily work. The changes are appreciated from the first moment.

Each company is a different unit of work, with peculiarities and completely different processes. Our method allows an integral adaptation to the peculiarities of each professional sector. We are flexible and we live your change with you.

Our vocation of help is tangible in a close follow up with the person with whom we work, taking him by the hand, accompanying him in the process, monitoring the evolution, detecting new obstacles and solving them. We help you to grow professionally, and therefore personally.

We are committed to confidentiality, discretion and professional respect.

We get you to reach your objectives and goals. We are efficient and effective. We look for tangible and real results.
The objective of our progrmas is to improve the management of activities that professionals carry out throughout the working day.

It is not about working more, but about working better and more effectively.

You will learn the keys to better organize daily work, prioritize tasks, deal with emergencies and urgencies, avoid distractions and gain concentration, use e-mail better, etc. All this with clear and simple techniques.

If you really have an interest in improving the way you work to be more effective, we can provide you with some keys that can help you achieve this.

  • Identify very clearly the causes that are preventing you from being more effective and productive.
  • Identify and strengthen the Key Tasks of your work.
  • Techniques for managing your tasks.
  • Turn your Goals, Goals and Projects into concrete tasks and easy to carry out with planning.
  • Modifying unproductive habits and implanting others that reinforce the achievement of results.
  • Reduce interruptions.
  • Know how to act before the emergency and unforeseen.
  • Formulas to overcome Multitasking and Procrastination.
  • Habits to master email
  • Technology as an enemy and as an ally, manage it to your advantage.
  • How to improve your quality of life and your economic performance
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