¿How to calculate the Installed Capacity for a Sewing module..

The calculation of production capacity for a Sewing Line is a very important tool to know the limits of the system and avoid failures in Delivery dates.

The following method is the most simple and basic way to calculate such capacity allowing us to manage in a master way our production timing.

You should acknowledge the following:

1.    Time (minutes or hours) is the measurement unit in garment production for output production and operator's attendance
2.    To produce a garment, you need to have the necessary kind of machinery for each specific sewn.
3.    There is a prior engineering job in the construction process that will be described further  into the proper section.

Step 1.  Getting Data. (The following example has imaginary data of a sewing module, you need to substitute with your own real data)

The following data is required

Step 2.  Calculation

With the data above, we will use an Excel sheet to make the following calculation.

Step 3.  Interpretation of data and practical examples

Getting this results, the interpretation as follows:

Our system has capacity of 5196 minutes/day.

If this line has enough machinery to run different kind of garments, the production per day may vary according the SAM (Standard Allowed Minutes) per garment as follows:

At this point you can have a very good idea about capacity of your swing module, line or plant.


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