We are a Consultancy Firm specialized in the Textile, Apparel & Footwear Industry with more that 26 years of experience in multicultural  manufacturing environments. we can offer you a wide variety of services to help you to improve your business

The mission

To provide excellence in production operations to reduce wastes of time, movements, inventories, costing, resources, re-process increasing the value of you product impacting your costing positively increasing your profits generating a healty and productive enviroment

Our vision

To create high value personnel that use the engineering as a tool to improve the working place and help the operators to increase their productivity resulting in a win-win relationship in a healty and productivitely working enviroment

26 years of experience in complex and multicultural manufacturing environment in a wide variety of garments and accessories such as Intimates, outwear, sportswear, medical wear, work wear, Cargo nets, footwear and jeans in countries like Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean and some Asia countries.

A very experienced Manager launching, transferring or improving production and quality, reducing cost and improve overhead ratio mainly using Modular Production Manufacturing or Lean manufacturing concepts with very successfully proven results.

Responsible for the set-up of McMurray Fabrics in Dominican Republic and ISO/QS 9001 certification fo the same.

Along my years within the sewing Industry I been manage all the administrative and operatives process in the entire supply chain, that allow me to growth from Production supervisor to Director of Sewing Operations

Im strongly convinced that success is achievable based in the following 5 basic values:

1.Sense of commitment: If I committed to do something is because, based in my experience and knowledge, it is attainable and I will comply with them no matter what it takes, always following the next 4 points.

2.Discipline:  I came from a Military / University  traditional family, my values are very specific and I like to follow them as well as my team, I like to be the first at the Plant and I make sure my people follow the same rules as me.

3.Loyalty: This a basic value that represents how much I care about being loyal to the company, represents also how I respect the authority of my boss and the direction provided based on established company objectives.

4.Respect the people: People is the main resource and has to be respected and fairly treated as a person, Motivation is not always matter of economic bonus or gifts, most of the times Motivation goes to fair treatment, talk with the people, calling them by their names and make them feel they are a person and they represent a very important asset to the Company.

5.Team Work: Nobody can succeed alone, the team has to be created to act as a unit by following the same objectives that have to be documented, clearly understood and religiously followed by everybody.

I invite you to cooperate with the success of our beloved Textile, Apparel & Footwear Industry.

Miguel Diaz
President and Founder

User ID: sewinggroup
+(505) 8773 8881